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        University Students'
        Council of Western

        To enhance the edutional experience and quality of life for all undergraduates at Western University

        We believe that students have the power to change the world.

        About Us

        The University Students’ Council (USC) is a student-led organization that first and foremost exists to advote for and represent undergraduate students at Western University. Since 1965, we have grown beyond an advocy organization, becoming one of the largest student governments in nada and one of the largest not-for-profits in London, Ontario nada. Each day, we work to support, improve and enhance your student experience, beuse we believe that students have the power to change the world.?

        Your 2022-23 Executives

        USC President

        VP External Affairs

        VP University Affairs

        VP Student Support and Programming

        VP Governance and Finance

        VP Communitions and Public Affairs

        Western is our community – our home. Our council meets once a month with your elected student representatives.? Our council is comprised of our six-person Executive Committee, and representatives from each constituency council including all faculties, affiliates and professional schools.?

        Get Involved



        If you’re asking yourself what’s happening at the USC, you’ve come to the right place. From press releases and council meeting minutes, to weekly stories, statements and elections updates, keep up to date with the USC here.?

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